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Zac , Creative Lead 

Enjoys helping to unearth the bigger vision, but also likes getting his hands dirty in the details. Just as comfortable presenting in a boardroom as he is laying down a complex welding bead with a MIG. Has a deep affliction with wilderness endurance pursuits. Loves everything coffee. And everything bourbon.

Mirona, Designer

Mirona gracefully moves between big-picture thinking and micro-detail honing, tackling everything from heady research to meticulous prototypes. Her work is informed by design experience in Scandinavia, biopsychology studies in Western Canada, and the utilitarian ethos of the Communist Bloc. Beyond design, she’s got a thing for bikes, archery, and climbing. 

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Brian, Designer

With his rural Montana roots and urban Seattle ID experience, Brian’s jack-of-all-trades skill set exemplifies IDeology’s versatility. Quick to roll up his sleeves, he dives deep on projects, especially when exploring new development processes. Outside the office, Brian’s outdoor activities let gravity do the work, either down mountains, along rivers, or through thin air. 

John, Product Engineer

A man of dozens: Dozens of patents, dozens of years in product, dozens of passions. John brings a broad background to product development, originally as an electrical engineer, then as a self-taught CAD ace, and most recently as a dabbler in kinetic art pieces. But he’s always been a MacGyver when it comes to working in a shop. Native to the PNW and foreigner to sitting still.


Aaron, Strategy + Business Development

Aaron brings impressive breadth and depth of experience to IDeology.  He's led large teams + budgets at big companies, but he's also solid in the product development and hands-on prototyping skills that often characterize work on smaller teams. Outside the office, it’s hard to tell if Aaron loves his bikes or his family more. If he isn’t at one of his kids' sporting events, he's likely pedaling up some remote gravel road or pristine single-track.


Barrett, Designer

Being in the backcountry has been one of Barrett's core career drivers with decades designing technical equipment for well-known and well-loved brands in the outdoor industry.  His process jam: combining customer insight research with new applications for material properties to bring about unique product solutions.  When not designing, he's passionate about helping introducing the younger generation to the many wonders of nature.